Month: April 2017


To you Jews: Jesus of Nazareth was a law abiding Jewish prophet.

To you Christians: Jesus of Nazareth was a law abiding Jewish prophet.

To you Muslims: Before the prophet Muhammad wrestled with his last teacher–the angel, his first teachers were Jews influenced by Jesus of Nazareth, a law abiding Jewish prophet.


Two Simple Logical Structures

Below are two simple syllogisms implied by the New Testament. The first is taken from theological concepts spread through its entirety. The second from 1 John 4:8 (NRSV).

IF: The Son of God

AND: The Son of Man (Humankind)

THEREFORE: Since the words, “Son”  can be canceled out,

THEN: Is not God humankind?


“Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.”

“God IS love”

IF: We substitute IS for EQUALS

THEN: invert the statement and simple algebra is applied,


Then is it a probability that the love we have for each other and for all of humanity may be God?


[The logic should hold, IF the premises are “true.” John 18:38]


Most of my familiar Facebook friends,, went to my high school–good ol’ PHS. Most never knew me there. I met them, but I was a cipher & a little weird (still am). We were & are part of the Baby Boom generation, and a lot of them were freeks who protested against the demagoguery induced war in Viet Nam. Our friends never came back from this hellhole.
Now, we are middle aged and admittedly some of us sold out to the highest corporate bidder, because of family, while others “turned on, tuned in & dropped out”, because of drugs, so much so that they are dead.
Yet, we have a new generation taking over our old fogey asses: The Millennials.
These millennials, in my most humble opinion, represent a truly intelligent future. We, of the Who generation, must help them, not guide them, or act in any patronizing way, whatsoever, for we are of the past and we have failed this new generation. No, but we must become their partners in truth. We must alleviate any suspicion on their part against us. It is up to us to go hand-in-hand with those who, let’s face it, will replace us.

Officer Friendly

When did Officer Friendly die? I knew him in ’58. I always saw him walking around and helping people with their problems and actually solving crime. Did he get too old and tired, get an armored car, become flabby, grumpy and bad tempered? Then take the easy way out and solve crime by shredding people with automatic handguns and rifles? Did he become an unpaid employee of the corporate wealthy, then die of a diabetic coronary? But, when exactly?