Night Howling & Other Tales

dark seething chaos
boils invisibly
through the realms
of preternatural night
and only the thin
crystalline pane
set in loosened caulk
within an antiquated sash
and barely a slice of security
separates the black howling night


from the flickering candle light


my room
my home

far distant deep moaning
rolls across the hills
wheeling into hushed valleys
resurrecting again and
rising as it shrieks
through the bewildered trees
growling up and up and
over the next mount
then roars through
the chiaroscuro sky
above a thin shingled roof

my roof
my shield

whiffs of ancient graves
and moldy bones infused
with bottomless sea reeks
of odors of kelp in decay
merging with leaves in rot
with wood tainted by worm
and slime
an amalgam of stenches
which sizzle through the cracks
in the walls

my walls
my hedge

throbbing obdurate
and antagonistic menace
trembles the bedrock of beliefs
shudders the boulders of ideologies
crushes the stones of conceptions
grinds the gravel foundations of honor
into sand and dust

my faith
my hope

when will the sun arise

that is another tale


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